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My 16 month old was constantly waking in the night having kicked all her blankets off. She took to her Merino Kids sleep bag straight away and now we couldn't live without it.
- Genevieve Denize
iF Product Design Award 2007
I first stumbled across these merino sleepbag wonders while I was nannying. Nothing else compared to the comfort, convenience and value for money.
- St Heliers Super Nanny,
Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag, Cornflower Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag, Rose Hip Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag, Oatmeal Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag, French Navy Sleep bag designer colors, top to bottom: Cornflower, Rose Hip, Oatmeal, French Navy
Considering how much shut-eye we've seen these last few weeks I'd happily have bought one for each of my kids.
- Kristen, Cool Mom Picks

Baby sleep bags have been tested and used for more than 25 years.

My son would often wake up uncovered or tangled in his bed sheets and sometimes with his legs caught between the bars of his crib. That was before I discovered the Merino Kids sleep bag, which keeps him covered and comfortable all night no matter how much he twists and turns.
- Julie, Portland.
1. Replaces blankets.
2. Can't be kicked off.
3. Won't cover baby's face.
4. Promotes back sleeping.
5. Familiar 'bed' when away.
Last night our baby slept for 12 and a half hours....uninterrupted...the first time in 16 months. We are ecstatic and amazed at how quickly it worked....We can't thank you is such a relief and a much kinder way to do it as well.
- Matt & Margaret Coyle
If you're thinking about buying one for your wakey-wakey baby, just order it now. I certainly wish I had one earlier!
- A well rested mama!
Whilst there are cheaper sleep bags available, they fail to come anywhere near the quality and comfort.
- Tony & Nicky, three girls.

Babies sleep on average 3,000 hours in their first six months. With that much time spent sleeping, choosing the very finest sleep bag is well worth the investment for your baby's comfort and wellbeing.

The safety belt aperture is a fantastic innovation! My daughter can wear her sleep bag safely in the car and stroller and she keeps to her sleep routine when we are away from home.
- Lucy, Boston.
The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag

The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag

Nature's finest all-year-round baby sleep bag.
  • All-year-round sleep bags for babies up to two years and toddlers two to four years.
  • Natural cuddly soft allergy-safe New Zealand merino.
  • Merino regulates temperature so baby won't overheat.
  • Patented safety belt aperture for car seat or stroller.
  • View our Buyer's Guide to help you choose the baby sleep bag that's best for your child.
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Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag For Babies 0-2 Years
Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag For Babies 0-2 Years
Our Price: $119.99
Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag For Toddlers 2-4 Years
Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag For Toddlers 2-4 Years
Our Price: $139.99
Sale Price: $118.99
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Award-Winning Design Baby Sleep Bag

Award-Winning Design

The Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag is the ultimate stylish and functional baby sleep bag for discerning parents and it was awarded the Seal of Outstanding Design Quality in the prestigious 2007 International Forum Product Design Awards. Its award-winning design, remarkable natural merino fabric and quality workmanship set it apart.

Your baby has the freedom to move naturally in their Merino Kids sleep bag, but unlike with sheets and blankets, they cannot get entangled or wriggle out and they do not wake uncovered and cold. This means your baby sleeps better as they stay cozy and warm all night without overheating.

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag fits babies up to two years old and you won't need to buy larger sizes every few months as your baby grows. The contoured knitted bodice fits snugly around your baby's chest and neckline ensuring the fabric stays clear of their face, and as an extra precaution press studs under the arms prevent newborn babies slipping down.

The Merino Kids toddler-size sleep bags fit infants from two to four years old.

100% Natural Baby Sleep Sack

100% Natural

The Merino Kids sleep bag is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradeable. Each baby sleep bag is crafted from New Zealand's finest pure unbleached merino wool and its outer layer is all-natural fine cotton for extended durability to withstand active toddler wear and tear.

Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Sack

Superfine Merino

Many generations of evolution have endowed the merino sheep from New Zealand with an amazing superfine wool fiber that modern science still cannot duplicate. The extraordinary fineness of merino fiber and its natural crimp produce a luxuriously soft fabric laced with millions of tiny air pockets that trap air to insulate your baby on the cooler nights. Merino fiber breathes exceptionally well, absorbing and releasing moisture to cool or warm your baby's body as their room temperature rises and falls throughout the night.

Merino Baby Sleep Sack Regulates Body Temperature

Regulates Body Temperature

The air temperature in a nursery will often fluctuate as heating or air conditioning switches on and off. Babies can take as long as a year to develop the full capability to regulate their own body temperature and just a few degrees of variation in room temperature can cause them to wake up cold or overheated. Merino fabric has the remarkable ability to regulate a baby's body temperature to compensate. It captures and circulates air to insulate your baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises, to create the perfect micro-climate around their body.

Merino fabric will readily absorb perspiration and release it into the air to help prevent your baby from overheating and waking up damp. Tests conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia showed that merino fabric has an amazing capacity to absorb liquid - up to 35% of its own weight - compared with synthetic fabrics which are commonly around 1% absorption. For this reason, babies sleeping in merino are much less likely to overheat than babies in synthetic sleep bags or blankets.

Cotton is not so poor as synthetics at absorbing moisture and CSIRO testing has shown that cotton fabric typically absorbs moisture up to 24% of its own weight. However cotton does not release moisture sufficiently and babies sleeping in cotton sleep bags can wake up damp and chilled from their perspiration.

All-Year Versatility

The temperature-regulating capability of the Merino Kids baby sleep bag makes it the ideal all-year-round baby sleep bag, perfect for nursery room temperatures from 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C). Simply dress your baby in more or fewer layers of natural-fabric sleepwear in cooler or warmer seasons. Try to avoid synthetic sleepwear fabrics such as those containing polyester because they do not release heat and moisture.

For cooler rooms, we recommend the winter-weight Merino Kids baby sleep bags which have an additional layer of natural-fiber insulation and will keep your baby snug in room temperatures from 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C). Merino Kids winter-weight sleep bags are available in two sizes: for babies up to two years and for toddlers two to four years.

Merino Kids sleep bags can be used safely in a broader range of temperatures than non-merino sleep bags because of merino's remarkable natural temperature-regulating properties. Use a standard Merino Kids sleep bag when you might otherwise use non-merino sleep bags of TOG ratings 1.0 or 2.0. Use a winter-weight Merino Kids baby sleep bag when you might otherwise use non-merino baby sleep bags of TOG ratings 2.0 or 2.5.

Cuddly Soft Superfine Merino Baby Sleep Bag

Cuddly Soft

Merino Kids use premium quality superfine merino fiber, one-tenth the thickness of a human hair, which produces lightweight cuddly soft merino fabric, perfect against your baby's sensitive skin.



Made entirely of natural fiber, and fastened with nickel-free press studs, the Merino Kids sleep bag is safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin. Merino fiber is naturally fire resistant and you can rest assured the Merino Kids baby sleep bag has not been treated with fire retardant chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Car Seat-Sompatible Baby Sleep Sack Stroller-Compatible Baby Sleep Sack Close-up of the seatbelt aperture in action

Car Seat and Stroller-Compatible

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag can be used not only at home but also for venturing outside the house, whether it be a short stroller walk, a car ride to the supermarket, or air travel. The innovative safety belt aperture allows your baby to wear their sleep bag safely in a child car seat or stroller, making it easy for you to transfer them asleep to and from their crib. You won't need to pack blankets and layers of clothing for the trip, and your baby will associate their sleep bag with bedtime so will settle more easily in unfamiliar surroundings.

Machine-Washable Baby Sleep Sack


The durable Merino Kids baby sleep bag can be machine washed and tumble-dried on a low heat setting. Wash after wash it will keep its shape and color. Since merino is naturally resistant to stains and odors, the Merino Kids baby sleep bag does not require frequent washing if aired regularly. Synthetic fibers in contrast are oil-based and wearing and washing of synthetic baby sleep bags can lead to 'greying' caused by the build up of oil contaminants in the synthetic fibers. You will not experience this problem with 100% natural merino. Please see washing instructions below.

Merino Baby Sleep Sack Is Naturally Fire-Resistant

Naturally Fire Resistant

Merino fabric is naturally fire resistant and the Merino Kids baby sleep bag is rated low fire risk. When exposed to flame, it does not melt and stick to skin like synthetic fabrics.

Stylish Striped Designs

Your baby will look their very best in stylish striped designs which include Cornflower blue, Oatmeal, Dove Grey, and French Navy for baby and toddler sleep bags, plus Wild Poppy and Sandshell for the winter-weight sleep bags. Check out also the special Limited Edition designs which are available from time to time.

View all merino baby sleep bags.

Free Super Saver Shipping

Free Super Saver Shipping Available

Most orders with continental U.S. delivery will be eligible for our Free Super Saver Shipping offer. You can select Free Super Saver Shipping at checkout. Amazon's standard terms and conditions apply.

How To Wear

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag is worn over pajamas or a 'onesie' and takes the place of top sheets, blankets and comforters. It ensures your baby is always sufficiently covered and removes the risk of bedding covering their face. When dressing your baby in their Merino Kids baby sleep bag, the Merino Kids label goes to the baby's back.

Secured by a full-length zipper down one side and nickel-free press studs at the shoulder, the Merino Kids baby sleep bag conveniently opens up flat for easy dressing and zips from the bottom-up for quick diaper checks and changes in the night. The high quality self-locking zipper is carefully sewn inside the baby sleep bag lining so it won't scratch your baby's delicate skin. There are no harsh and noisy velcro patches.

Merino Kids baby sleep bags are designed with baby safety in mind:
  • Sleeveless to allow for free circulation of air to help prevent overheating. Babies sleeping under blankets rarely sleep with their arms covered and your baby will be comfortably warm in the Merino Kids sleeveless design.
  • The baby sleep bag fabric stays clear of your baby's face. The premium quality fabric is knitted, not woven, allowing the baby sleep bag to fit snugly around your baby's chest and 'move with your baby'. It won't bunch and restrict your baby's movement, nor ride up and interfere with their breathing. As an extra precaution, the Merino Kids baby sleep bag has special press stud fasteners to prevent smaller babies from slipping down.

Remember always to place your baby on their back to sleep.

For babies under 17lb (8kg):

  1. Reduce the size of the baby sleep bag arm holes by fastening the additional press studs under your baby's arms.
  2. Fold up the lower end of the baby sleep bag across your baby's chest and tuck it firmly under your baby's arms.

For use in a carseat or stroller:

  1. Place your baby in their baby sleep bag in the child car seat or stroller.
  2. Thread the car seat or stroller harness crotch strap through the baby sleep bag apertures between their legs.
  3. Connect the shoulder and crotch straps of the car seat or stroller harness over the top of the baby sleep bag.

How To Wash

The Merino Kids baby sleep bag is made from only natural fibers. Please follow washing instructions carefully.

  • Use only wool-approved washing detergent. Do not soak.
  • Machine Wash: Close the zipper before you wash on a gentle wool cycle, 100°F (40°C) maximum water temperature.
  • Hand Wash: Use lukewarm water to massage the baby sleep bag gently. Rinse thoroughly. Remove excess water by rolling it in a towel. Do not wring.
  • Drying: Dry flat away from direct sunlight, or tumble dry on a low heat setting.
  • Can be drycleaned.
  • Many mothers recommend having two baby sleep bags to allow for night-time 'accidents' when one sleep bag might need to be washed.
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