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Poppet Natural Merino Baby Sleep Gown
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Poppet Natural Merino Baby Sleep Gown



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The Poppet merino sleeping gown is the perfect nightwear for babies. It's draw string tie at the bottom of the gown allows for ease of changing diapers. Each garment has our exquisitely hand printed sheep & lamb motif on the front and is made from superfine natural merino fabric.

Evolution has endowed the merino sheep of New Zealand with an amazing wool fiber that scientists cannot replicate. No artificial fabric can match the all-round performance of merino; it insulates, absorbs moisture and breathes superbly, is naturally fire resistant, itch-free, repels stains and odors, and is silky-soft yet highly durable.

The superfine natural merino fabric is luxuriously soft, allergy-safe, and readily absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate around your baby's body in any season.

Nursery room temperatures can fluctuate and a baby often wakes either too hot or too cold because they take time to develop the full capability to regulate their own body temperature. Merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to cool or warm your baby's body, regulating their body temperature to keep them cozy without overheating. The way this works is the merino fabric captures and circulates air to insulate baby when the room temperature falls, and releases excess body heat and moisture as the room temperature rises. Baby stays warm and dry through night and day without overheating.

Merino wool is nature's smart fiber and the fabric of our times. Soft as silk, yet durable. Warm yet breathable.

A 2010 AgResearch study determined that babies sleeping in merino are less likely to overheat or to become damp or chilled compared with synthetic polar fleece. Naturally fire resistant and rated low fire risk so no need for polyester-fireproofing chemicals that can irritate baby skin. Machine washable, quick-drying, can be tumble-dried.


The perfect sleepwear garment for young babies up to one year of age.

Use all-year-round for rooms 64°F to 75°F. Remarkable ability to regulate body temperature so baby won't overheat

Remarkably Merino is naturally anti-microbial, stain and odor resistant and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

Hand printed sheep and lamb design on front chest.

Draw string tie at bottom of gown allows for easy diaper changes while keeping feet covered and warm

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