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Natural merino helps your baby to sleep safely through the night.

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What Parents Are Saying About Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bags

M. Shafer from Arizona wrote on

This is a beautiful and EXTREMELY well made sleep bag. The quality is AMAZING, and I love the fact I can put my daughter in the car with it. Helped us when we were driving home from dinner at a friends house.

A. Chu wrote on

I should have bought this sleepbag earlier for my daughter. She enjoyed being in the sleepbag while she slept, and seems to sleep longer while in it. We love it!

Juniper from Santa Cruz wrote on

My daughter is a year old and was still waking up 3-4 times a night to nurse. Call it coincidence (we're still knocking on wood), but she has gone to bed easily every night since we've had the sleep bag. She falls right to sleep and her night waking is down to once or twice. My guess is that she was waking up cold. If you're thinking about buying one for your wakey-wakey baby, just order it now.

'tigidigi' from New York wrote on

So Worth It!

After using this product daily for the past year (excluding summer months) I can say that it has held up beautifully (still looks new).

Also I did not really believe it, but it is true: my baby's diaper leaked the other night. the sleepbag was wet on the outside, but when I put my hand inside, the wool (against baby's body) was practically dry!!

Last word: sleepbag is a must have!

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